Welcome to Environmental Archaeology Research Unit

The aim of this unit is to describe the ancient settlement planning in terms of spatial functions and socioeconomic relations within individual settlements, amongst settlements, as well as settlements relations and impact to their natural environment through the study of soils, plant and animal remains in macro and micro levels. It moves away from examining only the architecture on its own and it looks at remains found within spaces defined by architectural arrangements. Starting with the household and moving to the settlement as an integrated whole, we examine a range of excavated environmental materials to understand their acquirement modes, access availability to them by different social groups, utilisation and discard. Then, the settlement is examined as part of its surrounding natural and anthropogenic environments, and its interactions with them are sought to be explained perceiving these environments as sources of raw materials, food, trade routes, communication media and frameworks of identity and ideology.


  • European Association of Archaeologists 20th Annual Meeting, 10-14 September 2014, İstanbul

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  • Yerleşim Arkeolojisi Master ve Doktora Programları’na Başvurular 1 Mayıs - 20 Haziran 2014